Our First day… the long version

Well, we made it!  And I should mention it was without a hitch.  We met a really nice girl named Fairlight from Vancouver, WA in the Buenos Aires airport who is living in Chaco, a city 12 hours north of here.  She was very informative and with her help we caught a bus into the big city (13 million people big!!) and then took a taxi to our new digs and met the landlord.  The place is great.  Just like the pictures online showed.  We were both exhausted so we collapsed on the bed for a couple hours.  After realizing the banks close at 3, we drug ourselves out to get money to pay the landlord for the 6 weeks we are renting our apartment.  The bank was quite the adventure and the first time I thought maybe this trip wasn’t the best idea.  We were completely dumbfounded from the moment we walked into Banco Nacional.  There were 10 rows of folding chairs lined up in the middle of the room, 15 wide the way they used to be for assemblies back in elementary school.  We had to first navigate our way through a Spanish guessing game of 10 different topics on an automated system you chose from to determine your number.  Then we sat for almost an hour until our number was displayed on an automated screen.  We were number N867.  S, N, P, R, M, and so on followed by numbers in no specific order were pulled up randomly on the screen.  We were sent back and forth several times to several people before finally being told we could not get any money out of our American account.  The only way to get money out of the account was through their ATM… which we had tried several times to use with no success.  After finally getting the ATM to work we realized that the amount of money we could withdraw daily from the ATM was such a small amount that it will take 15 days of consecutively withdrawing the maximum amount to pay our landlord for the apartment we are renting!  Woops! 

At the bank I had a chance to really take a look at the people around me and realized different the looked from each other!  There are people of all skin color, hair color and eye color.  The only reason Oliver and I don’t fit in is the way we talk.  This evening walking home from dinner, two native Spanish speakers asked us the location of a particular street.  If we could have only answered in Spanish… Maybe we will fit in one day…  We ate at a neighborhood Parilla within walking distance from our apartment tonight.  They had amazing food and atmosphere, but we realized this was the first time since we’d been here that we’d heard people speaking English.  I’d say about half of the tables were filled with English speaking groups.  We’d had several recommendations on this locale and were surprised at how many tourists were there.  Sort of disappointing, but what an amazing meal it was, not to mention a really great bottle of House Red Malbec from the Mendoza region.  We are now headed to bed.  It is 12 Midnight our time, which would make it 6 AM for most of you! 

Our meal:

An assortment of numerous breads in a basket with sides of a green Chimichuri esque’ sauce albeit creamier, a roasted red pepper and onion cream sauce of some type and amazing roasted garlic still in the shell

1 Amazing Bottle of Trapiche Origen Malbec 2007

1 Large Tenderloin Steak cut into 4 generous portions

13 sides:           

  • Canelli beans with a red sauce
  • Lentils with capers and olives
  • Whipped Butter
  • Warm Artichoke hearts
  • Hearts of palm in a white cream sauce (cold)
  • Mini red potatoes in similar roasted red pepper sauce
  • Scrambled egg with zucchini
  • Onion and red chilies (very mild)
  • Mini pickled pearl onions
  • Roasted garlic
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Butternut squash puree’
  • Warm Applesauce

 Total Bill AR$149

All in all a fun day, we’re wondering what tomorrow will bring.  


3 responses to “Our First day… the long version

  1. 149 = ~$45? not bad. so how are you going to get the money you need to pay the landlord?

  2. I am so happy it all worked out! I can’t imagine navigating a bank in Spanish. I am so jealous of your meal. Please keep giving descriptions!!!

  3. Sounds like a great first day! Keep us updated!

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